The Catholics Invented Original Sin, Then Infant Baptism, Then Sprinkling/Pouring For Baptism

We saw earlier that the Catholics invented the idea of "original sin" which led to them inventing the idea of "infant baptism." And they also were the first ones to change baptism from immersion to sprinkling/pouring.

Besides "baptizo" meaning "immersion, submersion" (Thayer), Romans 6:4 is a good place to show that baptism should be an immersion. The first part of Romans 6:4 reads "Therefore we are buried with him by baptism into death." If we’ve been to a funeral, we know what "buried" means – all the way up under the ground. Likewise then a person should be placed all the way up under the water in baptism, else it doesn’t picture the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ as Romans 6:3-5 depicts.

It is strange that this passage is what the Baptists (correctly) champion when contending for baptism being an immersion, but when pressed into a corner about the purpose of baptism by the same passage (verse 3 says that baptism puts one "into Christ"), Baptists will say the passage is talking about Holy Spirit baptism. So when contending with the Methodists on the mode of baptism, the Baptist will admit the passage is talking about water baptism, but when faced with the natural conclusion that the passage teaches the necessity of water baptism unto salvation, Baptists will then contradict themselves and say the passage is not talking about water baptism.


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