Luke 19:10 Proves FALSE The Calvinist Position That Jesus Only Died For The Elect/Saved

Luke 19:10 reads "…the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost"

This verse teaches Jesus came to seek and to save (die for) whoever was lost. The Calvinist would agree that the “lost” would include everybody. So Jesus died for everybody, unlimited!

Notice this same argument in syllogistic form:

1. All people (elect and non-elect) are lost.

2. Christ came to save (die for) those that were lost.

3. Therefore, Christ died for the elect and non-elect.

Conclusion: Since Christ died for the lost, and since non-elect are lost, therefore Christ died for the non-elect.

Therefore Luke 19:10 proves false the Calvinistic theory that Jesus only died for the elect/saved.


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