Acts 11:18 Illustrates How One Verse Does Not Tell Everything A Person Must Do To Be Saved

Continuing our study of why passages like John 3:16 don’t prove salvation is by faith only, we notice Acts 11:18b which reads “Then hath God also to the Gentiles granted repentance unto life.” Acts 11:18 obviously makes repentance necessary to salvation, but does the fact it mentions no other conditions prove repentance is the only thing necessary, to the exclusion of belief and etc.? Obviously not, or that would mean a person could be repentant of his sins and be saved even if he never believed on Jesus as Lord and Saviour. Other passages (such as John 3:16) teach a person must believe in order to be saved, and when you allow other passages to be considered, you find other conditions that must be met as well. One such necessary condition and passage is water baptism in I Peter 3:21 which we hope to deal with in our next message.

We learn from Luke 18:18 the rich young ruler was a “ruler” while we learn from Matthew 19:20 that he was “young.” Only by taking all the accounts do we get the complete picture. It is the same with determining what God’s conditions of salvation are.

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