Doctrinal Conformity To Jesus’ Teachings Is Required By God

II John verse 9 reads “Whosoever transgresseth, and abideth not in the doctrine of Christ, hath not God. He that abideth in the doctrine of Christ, he hath both the Father and the Son.” Since we don’t have God if we don’t abide in the doctrine of Christ, obviously then we won’t be saved if we don’t conform to his teachings. It is impossible to be saved without God, and therefore it is impossible to be saved unless we believe, teach, and practice the truth – as only the truth will make us free from sin (John 8:31-32).

Galatians 1:9 make this clear in regard to teaching something different than what the Bible teaches, as it says “As we said before, so say I now again, If any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed.” Spiritually speaking, “accursed” would mean lost. See why it is so imperative that we teach God’s book accurately?

Matt 15:9 says “But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.” A commandment of men would be any religious teaching not found in God’s word. This would include things like sprinkling for baptism, infant baptism, women preachers, and the like. Do you see how serious this matter is? – if we practice such things, our worship is in vain (useless, worthless), and obviously we can’t go to heaven like that.

Because of this fact I urge you to be like the Bereans as described in Acts 17:11 – “they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.” Make sure you are not being led astray by false teaching, because “if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch” (Matt 15:14b).


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