Scholars On The Covering Of I Corinthians 11:2-16

Some throw away the teaching of I Corinthians 11:2-16 because they assert scholars say it was just talking about a custom of those times in Corinth and therefore does not apply today. But scholars are not inspired so we should ignore them, and besides, scholars are disagreed on this point. Notice the following scholars which say the custom of those times was different than what Paul taught in this passage …

· Cambridge Bible for Schools and Colleges – In the remarkable fact that the practice here enjoined is neither Jewish, which required men to be veiled in prayer, nor Greek, which required both men and women to be unveiled, but particularly to Christians.

· W.E. Vine – Among the Jews the heads of the men were covered in the synagogue. Among the Greeks both men and women were uncovered.

· Expositor’s Greek Testament – Paul’s instructions do not agree … with current practice. Jewish men covered their heads; amongst the Greeks both sexes worshipped with uncovered heads.

· Morris in Tyndale Series – Jewish men always prayed with heads covered (as they still do). Greek women … prayed with head uncovered.

· Vincent’s Word Studies – The Romans (the men), like the Jews, prayed with the head veiled.

· Pulpit Commentary – Having his head covered … The Jewish worshipper in praying always covers his head with his Tallith.

· Moffat Series – Men and Women worshipped bareheaded in Greek rites.

· Robertson in Word Pictures – Greeks (both men and women) remained bareheaded in public prayer.

Since scholars disagree on this (and just about every issue), we are just going to have to accept God’s revelation on the matter!


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