Were Ruth And Naomi Lesbians?

The Gay church sees Ruth and Naomi’s close mother and daughter in-law relationship and concludes they were homosexual lovers. But where in the narrative in the book of Ruth is there anything to suggest that there was any kind of sexual relationship between Ruth and Naomi?

• Naomi was the wife of Elimelech, and bare him Mahlon and Chilion (1:2)

• Ruth was the wife of Naomi’s son, Mahlon (4:10)

• Naomi was old when Ruth’s husband died (1:12)

• Naomi expected Ruth to seek another husband (1:13), not a wife

• Boaz regarded Ruth as a virtuous woman because she did not chase after the young men (3:10-11). The Gay church surely would have expected Ruth to be tempted to chase the younger women.

• Ruth married Boaz, and they had a proper sexual relationship between husband and wife (4:13)

The only sexual relationships (and orientation) of these women shown by the Biblical record are with their husbands.

This obviously, is HETEROsexuality !

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