God’s Covering Requirement Is Tied To Creation Just Like The Prohibition Against Women Preachers

The 1990 Freed-Hardeman University forum had a lively but organized public discussion regarding women preachers. First, the women preacher advocates argued the Bible’s prohibition against women preachers was only because of the culture of that time.

Here was Ralph Gilmore’s response to that argument:

· These scriptures are not tied to culture. They are tied to creation … I do not know how they can say … this is a cultural matter when at least these two instances, and probably three instances [i.e., I Cor 11, I Tim 2, and I Cor 14], it’s tied to creation, it’s tied to creation, it’s tied to creation. – p.57

· I Timothy 2:12-15 is not cultural because it says the woman came from the man, and woman was deceived in the transgression. – p.72

Now notice Lynn Mitchell’s reply to Gilmore’s response: “In I Corinthians 11, Paul bases his discussion on whether women should wear veils on the doctrine of creation and the order that exists between God and woman.” – p.133

Doesn’t women preacher advocate Lynn Mitchell have a valid point? Isn’t God’s covering requirement tied to creation just like God’s prohibition against women preachers? Do you see then how that both instructions stand or fall together?

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