Is The Church Of Christ Too Strict?

I was talking to a young a lady about the gospel two or three weeks ago and she told me she wouldn’t go to the church of Christ because "it is too strict." Are churches of Christ too strict?

It is very true faithful members of God’s church emphasize the "truth" more than denominational churches. But isn’t that justified considering that verses like John 8:32 teach the truth is the only thing that will make us free from sin?

We don’t deny true Christians consider it very important that we worship God according to His word. Most churches teach we should worship God, but the concept of worshipping the way God has specified doesn’t usually cross their mind. Instead they plan their worship around what would be fun or exciting to them, or what might draw the biggest crowd. The story of Nadab and Abihu in Lev 10:1-2 should cause us to pause along this line. They were worshipping God, but God consumed them with fire because they didn’t worship Him according to His instructions.

When it comes to doctrine, there is no doubt faithful Christians are very strict. We recognize the consequences of playing loose with God’s word because Matt 15:9 says if we teach the commandments of men our worship will be in vain, and because II John verse 9 teaches if we don’t abide in the doctrine of Christ we don’t have God. We recognize that we can’t be saved under those conditions (Heb 5:9).

Really, in light of God’s word on the matter, shouldn’t it be a compliment that someone is "strict" religiously? Indeed God is strict, and we should conform to his strictness (Matt 7:21).

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