What Makes A Good “Preacher” In God’s Eyes?

As far as what makes a good “preacher” in God’s eyes, the list would be something like …

· The man’s life (because if he doesn’t live according to God’s very strict standards, nothing else matters) – Rom 2:1-3, Matt 23:3.

· How hard the man works for the Lord (outside the church building) – Acts 8:4, Matt 28:19-20.

· Whether or not the man is willing to risk his position by preaching truths the congregation doesn’t already believe – Acts 20:26-27, Ezek 3:18.

Though most Christians would put it at the very top, speaking (oratory) ability shouldn’t even be on the list – I Cor 2:1, II Cor 10:10, II Cor 11:6.


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