Catholic Church Authority Versus Their Change On The Mode Of Baptism

Romans 6:4a reads “Therefore we are buried with him by baptism.” We all know what “buried” means, so that should tell us about how a person should be baptized – by sprinkling or immersion.

And notice the meaning of the Greek word “baptizo”:

· to immerge, submerge (Thayer)

· to immerse (Wigram-Green)

Now read how Catholics admit they changed the mode of baptism from immersion to pouring:

· Baptism used to be given by placing the person to be baptized completely in the water: it was done in this way in the Catholic Church for 1200 years. (Adult Catechism, pg.56-57)

· The church at one time practiced immersion. This was up to the thirteenth century. The Council of Ravenna, in 1311, changed the form from immersion to pouring. (Our Faith and the Facts, p.399)

· Baptism took place by immersion in ancient times. (New Interpretation of the Mass, p.120, Borgmann)

Furthermore, the Catholic Church admits about itself: … if it be not identical in belief, in government etc., with the primitive Church, then it is not the Church of Christ (Catholic Facts, p.27, Noll). So the Catholic Church admits they are not identical with the primitive church, and therefore not the church of Christ.

Conclusion: How can the Catholic Church be authoritative, if its teaching changes?

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