Shacked Up Preacher

I studied with a preacher (Isaiah) the other day (no need to say which denomination he is a member of), and he told me he was previously divorced and currently living with a woman who was not his wife – he called it “shacked up.” Without me questioning him about it, he went on to say it would be good if he moved out because “God will bless you” if you live the way God’s wants you to. But he had no plans of moving out.

My friend is right that God will bless us if we live right (James 4:7, Matt 6:33), but I think he is confused about living right’s overall importance. I got the impression Isaiah thinks he can be a Christian even if he is in violation of passages that condemn divorce (I Cor 7:10) and adultery (Gal 5:19) – and just about anything else. Don’t believers realize that the unrepentant “sexually immoral” (NKJV) “shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone”?

I think the lack of emphasis upon obedience (Heb 5:9, Matt 7:21, etc.) by most denominational preaching has led to this. It is the “once saved always saved” mentality (Gal 5:4, II Pet 2:20-22, etc.) gone to seed. Even though Isaiah is living in adultery and knows it, he doesn’t think God minds it that much, and certainly the denomination Isaiah is a member of lets him preach merrily right along. I don’t think some churches care too much anymore how a preacher or member lives their life.

It is sad to say most Christian type religions don’t pay much attention to the Christian religious guidebook these days. Has your church left you in this regard? Then I suggest finding a congregation that is still willing to stand for and require truth and righteousness. The NKJV of I Cor 16:13 reads “Watch, stand fast in the faith, be brave, be strong.”


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