What Can We Learn From The Bible Sentence “The Wages Of Sin Is Death”?

Rom 6:23 informs us that “the wages of sin is death.” It is but a reiteration of what God told Adam and Eve in Gen 2:17 regarding eating the forbidden fruit – “in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.” What important lessons can we learn from this simple teaching about the consequences of sin?

First: It only takes one sin to displease God. The word “sin” is singular in Rom 6:23 and examples like Gen 2:17 (where it only took one sin for a person to be separated from God) are numerous. James 2:10 emphasizes this truth when it says “For whosoever shall keep the whole law, and yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all.”

Second: It doesn’t matter whether what we have done is deemed a big or little sin. No such distinction is made in Rom 6:23. The verse says the wages of sin is spiritual death, any sin – big sin or little.

Third: The doctrine of “Once Saved Always Saved” is false. Rom 6:23 applies to Christians just as much as it does to non-Christians – and so when a Christian sins, he is required to repent in order to be forgiven (Acts 8:22). Rev 21:27 also applies to Christians just as much as it does non-Christians, and there God lets us know that no sin will enter into heaven.

Fourth: I am not sure how much difference this makes, but it is not really the lack of repentance per se that separates us from God (causes our spiritual death). Like Rom 6:23 and Gen 2:17, Isaiah 59:2 makes it clear it is our sin that separates us from God (causes us to be lost). A lack of repentance usually comes later and keeps us from being forgiven, that is, having our fellowship (saved relationship) with God restored.

Conclusion: We may not like or agree with God’s teaching in Rom 6:23, but it is just wishful thinking to believe otherwise. Since each and every sin separates us from God, then we need to repent of each and every sin in order to be forgiven.

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