Positive Proof That Acts 2:38 Teaches Baptism Is In Order To Obtain The Remission Of Sins

The following two points give positive proof that baptism in Acts 2:38 is “in order to” the remission of sins, and not “because of” the remission of sins.

First, notice from the verse that receiving “the gift of the Holy Ghost” (in the non-miraculous / approval sense) is conditioned upon repenting and being baptized. Will one receive the Holy Ghost when he is saved? Certainly (Gal 4:6, etc.). And so since baptism is made necessary to receiving the Holy Ghost by Acts 2:38, then baptism is made necessary to salvation also.

Second, the passage says baptism is “for the remission of sins” just like repentance is “for the remission of sins.” Is repentance “because of” the remission of sins? Certainly not (Luke 13:3, etc.). Likewise, then baptism couldn’t be “because of” the remission of sins either. The word “for” is only the verse one time, so cannot carry with it two different meanings in this one occurrence.

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