Are There Living Apostles Today?

The word “apostle” simply means “one sent forth” (Vine’s), so in that sense every Christian today is an apostle in that they are “sent forth” to teach God’s word (Rom 10:15, Acts 8:4). But the issue this article addresses centers around the special use of the word “apostle,” as in the special twelve that Jesus chose while on this earth (Mark 3:14, Acts 1:2).

Acts 1:21-22 details two qualifications a man had to meet in order to be an apostle. First, he had to be a part of Jesus’ earthly ministry “beginning from the baptism of John.” Paul was an exception to this qualification according to I Cor 15:8. Second, he had to be an eye “witness … of His resurrection” (see also I Cor 9:1).

Nobody living today meets these two requirements – not the Pope nor his Cardinals, none of the supposed Mormon “apostles” in Salt Lake City, none of all the false charismatic “apostles.” Simply put – no one today can meet these two prerequisites, therefore no person living presently is an apostle.

In addition, proving the miraculous gifts are not in operation today (see ) also shows there are no apostles today because the following passages indicate being an apostle is inseparably linked to having miraculous gifts and being able to pass them on:

· II Cor 12:12 “the signs of an apostle were wrought among you in … signs, and wonders …”

Does that leave the modern day church without any apostles? Certainly not – the special twelve that Jesus chose are still our apostles, therefore there is no need for additional apostles today. Peter, Paul, James, and John, etc. are still our apostles today in the same sense as how the Jews in Jesus’ day still had “Moses and the prophets” (Luke 16:29), even though Moses and the prophets were already dead and gone from the earth. The original twelve apostles are still our apostles in that they still lead through their word (John 16:13) – God’s New Testament law.


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