Denominational Logic Says 2 Plus 2 Used To Equal 4, But That Has Changed

Almost all denominational churches act as if God’s truth can change. It’s like if a mathematician once said that 2 plus 2 equals 4, but later said now the right answer has changed to 5. Let me begin by illustrating with the divorce question. Jesus said in Matt 19:9 – “Whosoever shall put away his wife, except it be for fornication, and shall marry another, committeth adultery: and whoso marrieth her which is put away doth commit adultery.” I think all churches used to stand with Jesus on this subject, but now almost all have compromised and teach something much looser.

For example, the Methodist creed book said in 1896 “No divorce, except for adultery, shall be regarded by the Church as lawful; and no Minister shall solemnize marriage in any case where there is a divorced wife or husband living; but this rule shall not be applied to the innocent party to a divorce for the cause of adultery” (The Doctrines and Discipline of the Methodist Episcopal Church). That looks just like Matt 19:9, right? But gradually through the years, the Methodist church compromised on the divorce question until here is what their creed book said in 1984: “Where marriage partners, even after thoughtful consideration and counsel, are estranged beyond reconciliation, we recognize divorce as regrettable but recognize the right of divorced persons to remarry. … We encourage an active, accepting, and enabling commitment of the church and our society to minister to the members of divorced families.” To make matters worse, we recently read on the internet that the “United Methodist Church … leadership voted to submit … a … legislative proposal … that removes ‘prohibitive’ language from The United Methodist Book of Discipline concerning homosexuality. … the proposal would allow United Methodist pastors to perform same-sex marriages in United Methodist churches. … this proposal does not consider homosexuality incompatible with Christian teachings even though Methodists have historically recognized the practice … as sinful.” That’s what happens when one compromises on adulterous marriages; consistency leads to eventual compromise on (acceptance of) gay marriage.

And the Methodist church is not the only church to change. Almost all churches have compromised like the Methodists by accepting adulterous marriages. Think about where your church stands on that. Now quite regularly we read about churches changing their policy to accept gay marriage. And going back a number of years:

· Rom 6:4 the Catholics changed baptism from immersion to pouring in the 1311 Council of Ravenna

· Acts 20:7 denominations changed the frequency of the Lord’s Supper from once a week to less often

· I Cor 14:34-35 almost all churches used to forbid “women preachers” – now almost all allow it

Can truth change like that? Can the answer to 2 plus 2 change from 4 to 5? Then why would churches think God’s truths can change? Doesn’t the Bible read the same way it did 1900 years ago? Only the “truth shall make you free” from sin (John 8:32). Are you continuing in the constant truth of God’s word (John 8:31), or are you blindly following the ever changing teachings of men (Matt 15:14)?

for the full outline on churches changing through the years, click here:

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