Barton Stone’s ‘No Sin Debt Payment’ Position

In a written exchange with Alexander Campbell, Barton Stone made the following arguments against the scriptural truth of Jesus’ Vicarious Atonement:

· If the debt … be fully paid …, where is grace seen in the pardon of the debtor! (Millennial Harbinger, February 1841)

· … without the blood of the new institution, the remission of the least sin could not be obtained, for the reason already given, because none without that blood could be led to believe in him — none to repent … (ditto, April 1841)

· … all the blood of the universe, the blood of Christ not excepted, could not take away our sin — the least sin. (ditto)

Do you see why it is so important to stand up for Isaiah 53:6b and other passages which clearly teach the Substitutionary Death Of Christ?  The opposite of God’s truth on this topic is that “the blood of Christ … could not take away our sin”!

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