Matt 27:46 Means The Obvious – Jesus Was Forsaken

Jesus said in Matthew 27:46 “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?” You would think from that statement it would be pretty easy to understand that the Father forsook Jesus on the cross. But as an affront to the critical “take the plain meaning of the Bible when possible” rule (Eph 3:4), some Christians deny such. They say Jesus didn’t really mean what He appeared to be saying, but was only calling attention to Psalms 22 for the benefit of those at the foot of the cross. But that clearly won’t work because Jesus didn’t even bother to make himself clear enough to keep that “audience” from mistakenly thinking He was calling for Elias (verse 47). If He was only trying to make a point to those below, Jesus miserably failed at what He was intending to accomplish. No way Jose.

How could one deny the Father forsook Jesus when Jesus is plainly asking the Father why He did just that? I count 31 times in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John where Jesus asked why someone did something, and every single time, in all 31 cases, that someone had actually done what Jesus was asking why about. I am confident that stat doesn’t surprise you in the least – because we all inherently know …

If Jack asks a friend John “why did you forsake me?” – that means one of three things:

· Jack is lying

· Jack is mistaken

· Jack was forsaken

Which was it for Jesus?

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