What Is The Perfect In I Cor 13:10?

I Corinthians 13:8-13 is admitted by all to teach that the miraculous spiritual gifts would cease “when that which is perfect is come.” But what does “that which is perfect” refer to? Many claim it is referring to the second coming of Christ, but consider the following illustrations …

• I am going to quit my two part time jobs when I get a _____.

□ glass of water

□ full time job

• The power being out, we read by candle light till the electric _____ came back on

□ shaver

□ lights

• When they moved to Dallas, they rented an apartment until they could buy a ____.

□ box of fried of chicken

□ house

• Instead of hamburgers I would rather go get a _____.

□ box of fried of chicken

□ house

• God’s revelation in parts will be done away when _____ in whole is come.

□ the 2nd coming

□ God’s revelation

Conclusion: The perfect of I Cor 13:8-10 is the complete New Testament law/revelation, and therefore the miraculous gifts ceased when the New Testament law was all completely revealed and put into one place (in the Bible) – so listeners could use it to verify what is being preached to them.


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