David Just Thought He Was Forsaken In Psalms 22:1?

In the last few years I’ve run into some Christians who assert David was mistaken about being forsaken in Psalms 22:1. They say David felt forsaken, but really wasn’t.

They are in effect saying David was inspired but wrong. Here is what David actually said in Psalms 22:1-2:

· why hast thou forsaken me?

· why art thou so far from helping me?

· [why are you so far from] the words of my groaning? – NKJV

· I cry in the day time, but thou hearest not

· [I cry] by night, but have no audience – Geneva Bible

Was David wrong when he wrote those words through inspiration? The Holy Spirit is the real author of Psalms 22:1-2. Was the Holy Spirit mistaken?

If the writer of Psalms 22:1 was inspired but wrong, then how can we trust anything in the Bible? For example, how do we know Paul’s prohibition against women preachers in I Cor 14:34-35 is God’s truth, and not just how Paul “felt” at the time (as some claim)?

Suppose for the sake of argument that David was wrong. Wouldn’t that mean Jesus was also wrong when He applied these words to himself on the cross? That would certainly become a “sticky wicket,” wouldn’t it?


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