Saved By Faith Only Rules Out …

The false position that salvation is by faith alone would rule out the following as being necessary…

· Repentance – If it is belief alone, that rules out repentance (Acts 3:19). That would mean the gay preachers I have debated are saved even though they have never repented of their sins.

· Confession – Rom 10:10 teaches confession is necessary to salvation, but it is obvious a person cannot truthfully confess he believes in Christ until after he believes in him (Acts 8:35-37).

· Calling On The Name Of The Lord – Everybody admits “calling on the name of the Lord” is necessary to salvation (Rom 10:13), but “calling on the name of the Lord” occurs after one believes (Rom 10:14-15), at least three days after belief in the case of Saul (Acts 9:6, 9, 22:16).

Now do you really believe salvation comes at the point of faith?


2 Responses to “Saved By Faith Only Rules Out …”

  1. Bible Guy Says:

    Hello! Yes, we are saved by grace through faith (Eph. 2). But faith, for Paul, presumes a way of life that includes obedience to the Torah. Do we agree that we Christians should grow in faithful obedience to Torah?

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