Does The Bible Teach Both Sides Of Every Question?

We have to get out of this mode that the Bible teaches both sides of every question and therefore we pick the verses that seem to agree with our pre-conceived theology, and ignore the rest. Instead, since the Bible is the word of God, all verses are true (in the absolute) and so we must figure out how all the verses on any particular topic are true.

For example, the Pentecostals (and many other churches) look at texts like Acts 21:9 and conclude women can preach with no restrictions. Others look at passages like I Cor 14:34-35 and conclude women can never teach the gospel, not even to other women and children in their home. Instead of picking out the verses which seems to support our current view and ignoring the rest, we should figure out how Acts 21:9 and I Cor 14:34-35 are both true. That is when we determine it is okay for a women to teach the gospel as long as it is not in the church assembly or over a man (I Tim 2:11-12). See what I mean?

Similarly on the subject of water baptism, the “hermeneutical” method of many is affecting their salvation. They look at passages that seem to fit their pre-conceived theology that baptism is not necessary to salvation (the passages like John 3:16 that teach faith is necessary) and therefore think it is okay to simply ignore the 6 or 8 clear verses that conclusively prove baptism is also necessary to salvation. And that has kept them from ever being baptized “for the remission of sins” (for that reason) – which is a critical element in what God requires for one to be saved (Acts 2:38). It is parallel to a divorce not for fornication; if it is done for the wrong reason, it is unscriptural and God does not approve of it (Matt 19:9). It is the same with the reason for baptism – if baptism is done for the wrong reason, it is unscriptural and God does not approve of it. See also Mark 16:16, Acts 22:16, and I Pet 3:20-21.

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